Facebook Adds New Metrics to Insights for Brand Pages

A June announcement from Facebook let us know that a pretty big overhaul of it’s Insights for Brand Pages was on the horizon. It is currently available to a limited number of Page Admins but will fully released by the end of the summer. Here is a breakdown of the changes you can expect.


Overview Page

The Overview page now gives you a breakdown of information on Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement, including metrics like Shares and Post Clicks. Which is a nice break from their previous Virility metrics which were too subjective to be of much use. You also see your 5 Most Recent Posts and their reach.



Page Likes

The Page section now offers up some very useful graphs that correlate the activity on your page by date, and then breaks the data down by organic, paid, unlikes etc. You can also now see where your Page Likes are coming from (Sponsored Posts, Page Suggestions, Mobile) which will be helpful for planning your ad budget and campaigns.



Posts Options

The Post metrics now help you clearly see the type of content that has worked best on your page which is something I always ask my clients to focus on while planning upcoming content. You can now easily see how your audience interacts with text-based status updates, video posts, photos and links and compare that with the overall reach of the post types.


Overview Fans


The previous Page Insights had a reasonable demographic breakdown but I’m delighted to see the addition of metrics like When Your Fans Are Online. That is incredibly useful information for scheduling posts and page moderation.

There are a few minor complaints that I’ve has so far which are probably easily-fixed by Facebook. It’s now more difficult to look at an overview of activity for a specific range of dates, which is a pain if you have scheduled reporting periods. Also, there is still a two-day delay in getting the most current Insights which I was hoping would disappear with the update. But that said, this is still a massive leap in the right direction and this Page Admin is very happy to see the progress.

What are your thoughts on the new look and metrics of Facebook’s Page Insights? Will this new information be useful for planning your Facebook campaigns? Did Facebook leave out any metrics that you were hoping to see? Leave a comment below!

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There Are Still Too Many Social Media Phantoms Out There

My views on people (and agencies) posing as social media ‘experts’ are well known. I’m not about to go on another rant about ‘gurus’ I promise. Bear with me on this one.

Social Media Week has just wrapped up in Glasgow. It was a great week, with a really diverse range of events (massive respect to the organisers for running it so well). During the week I attended an event that focussed on ROI from social media and how you can measure it. It was held by a ‘full-service’ digital agency based in Glasgow and London. I always enjoy hearing other people’s perspective on social media as a marketing channel and the ROI debate is one that appears to have some serious mileage left in the tank.  The speaker from the agency in question took the stage and ran the audience through a typical intro to social media (cliché after cliché). After this, the topic changed to measurement and trying to prove ROI…

We were taken through a talk on some very basic metrics that can be accounted for. That was about it. No insight in to how these are used to prove value, assess effectiveness and shape the way a business uses the channel. The speaker used the old ‘social media is not about sales’ line which we all know is accurate to a certain extent, although I believe there has to be business actions coming from social media activity or serious questions will be asked. I think this speaker and the agency the speaker works for are likely hiding behind this excuse. I judge this on what I saw in front me and nothing else, to me, I think if you are given the opportunity to speak to an audience about such a well-versed topic, you need to get up there and really go for it, get people thinking and give solid advice and examples.

He is a Good Phantom. (image - www.freeonlinemovieworld.com)

After the show was over, questions were invited from the floor. There was a barrage and not in a good way. The type of question that was being asked pointed to an audience that felt severely un-enlightened by what had unfolded before them. One person asked ‘are you guys tracking clicks through to websites and the outcome of those?’ The answer – ‘no that’s not possible at this time, it’s in beta with Google’. Really? Dear lord. Oh and did you know that Brandwatch is exactly the same as socialmention.com?

I’m not attacking the speaker here. The agency should never have put the individual on the stage. At one point the boss of the agency asked the speaker two questions that the speaker really struggled to answer. It was painful. The whole thing got me thinking, how many agencies are delivering true value to the clients that decide to spend their no doubt tight budgets on their services? If an agency is happy to work on a basis that ROI is ‘very difficult to prove’ and the client is happy to pay on that basis, then good luck to them. For me, this approach just devalues the work of people and agencies that are really pushing to de-mystify the social media channel, ensuring they are on the cutting edge of the game and ultimately delivering value that not only does all the nice fluffy engagement and brand building stuff that all and sundry preach about, but also actual bottom line results.

Will the wheat eventually be separated from the chaff? Or will businesses continue to be blinded by the ‘ROI is so hard to prove’ line? Thoughts would be appreciated…


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Social Media Analytics – Our Guide by Kelly Forbes


Back in April the Social Penguin blog featured the very first guest post from Kelly Forbes on the analytics behind Illegal Jacks successful use of social media marketing. It caused a bit of a stir at the time because it jokingly called analytics’s a “black art” as whilst it incredibly easy to do, a lot of people are still intimidated by social media analytics. In a bid to try and dispel some of those misconceptions Kelly is taking a closer look at some free online social media analytic tools that anyone can learn to use themselves.

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