Is This a Great Way to Recognise Facebook Fans in Real Life?

If you are a fan/liker of a brand on Facebook, you may well have come across a ‘fangate’ – basically a screen that makes you Like the page before you proceed or perhaps enter a competition. Real Life Connect have created a real-life fangate that can be used in retail stores etc to offer perks to customers who are already fans of the business on Facebook. This technology uses RFID technology, a tech that is on the rise in terms of adoption, but perhaps not at a high level of awareness among the general public. Watch the video below to see the Real Life Connect effort in action.

This type of approach may well be a route to unlocking more value from Facebook fans, but I’m not sure that it will be an easy sell to retailers. The retailer will need to put effort into making this valuable for both parties, just using it to give discounts is great for the consumer (although they are in the store anyway, unless the RFID approach has been part of driving them to the bricks and mortar in the first place), but will it create long-term value for the retailer?

What do you think?

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Friday Freak Out – Facebook Update Overkill by Businesses

So, I visited a little coffee place not far from my house. The food was great, the coffee strong and fortifying and the service delectable. I see that they are displaying the Facebook logo on their menu, so later that day I ‘Like’ them…

Fast forward three days and they’ve updated their page 34 times. Are they offering 34 pieces of fantastic content that make me deliriously happy that I decided to show my commitment? Nope. 29 of the 34 updates were in relation to the weather, what their staff had chosen to wear that day, and a story about their delivery driver being late. Now, these types of updates can go a long way to adding some personality to a business, but they need to be well thought out and balanced with content that provides true value.

It’s my life…

I use Facebook to keep up to date with my friends and family. I don’t have any business associates on there and I certainly don’t have anyone that I would cross the street to avoid. When I make the decision to allow a brand to enter that space, it’s because I feel a strong enough affinity with it and want to receive a valuable experience. All businesses should be aware that when a person allows you in to their Facebook life (and it is a big chunk of life for many), you better be ready to make it worthwhile. I’d even go as far as to say it is a matter of respect. Something that is incredibly disrespectful to your audience is regularly updating your page, but not taking the time to respond when a question is asked or a complaint grumbled. If you have the time to push messages their way, you better have to time to help them when they ask you to.

Make a plan…

Sit back, take stock of the things you believe your fans (hell you could even ask them) may want to hear about and work it in to a plan. Try to make every update valuable, but take care no to overdo it, ever! Spend some time in Facebook Insights and work out what is really resonating with your fans and focus on that. I would stick to a rule of thumb – no more than 10 updates in a week. The latest round of Facebook changes means that your updates will live or die by the response from your fans. Spend some think time and you will work it out!

Do you struggle to know when and what to update on a Facebook page? Is a brand driving you nuts with too many updates? Do tell!

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Facebook Page Changes – Our Run Through (with images)

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As you will have read, Facebook pages have now updated with a new layout and a bunch of new features that in our opinion really represents a great shift for brand and businesses using Facebook pages as a marketing tool. Read on as we run through the changes…

Commenting, liking and notifications

This is the big one – You can now post as the page on other people’s pages and personal profiles – this needs to be used cautiously, abuse of this will be classed as spam. You can also now ‘like’ other pages – bear in mind that when you do this, the fans of your page will see this. The next one is manna from heaven – you will receive notifications (as you do on your personal accounts) when somebody interacts with the page (‘likes’ a post, makes comment etc), making management of the page far more efficient.

I have liked the Hootsuite page using The Social Penguin page:

Likes appear prominently on page

You can see the fact that we have liked the Hootsuite page – meaning users of the Social Penguin page will see the network of likes we build and easily connect to them.

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The Social Penguin Blog Guide To Great Facebook Pages

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When doing some research for a recent presentation, I was required to include a couple of examples of really good Facebook ‘fan pages’ and thought it would be good to share them here. I am of the opinion that there are more really bad examples out there than good ones  but have featured some of the better ones in the is post. Is there a page you really like and get value from? Please do let me know…

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