Is BeepTreat a Truly Useful Use of Location Based Tech?

We posed a few questions to Peter Kay from BeepTreat – a location-based mobile application that allows users to access deals from retailers near them. Peter tells us how the concept came about and how the app has been received so far…

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Give us the elevator pitch for Beep Treat

BeepTreat is a marketing system designed specifically to drive qualified footfall into the businesses that are using it. It’s that simple. We are doing some really clever stuff combining on and offline to make this happen but ultimately it is about delivering tangible business benefits with treats.

How did you come up with the concept?

We came up with the concept as a result of some work the development team were doing in near field communication. They had been involved in creating an information delivery system and began thinking about how it could be applied elsewhere and were drawn to the high street as it was an environment that clearly has a need. The developers came to me to explore their concept and from that initial meeting BeepTreat was born.

Are retailers excited about the opportunity? 

Yes, the retailers we are speaking to are really excited about the system. We are seeing great levels of uptake in the areas of the UK we have been focusing on and we are constantly getting introduced from one business into another as they really see the value of what we have produced.

How has user feedback been so far?

Feedback so far has been great, we are working very closely with the businesses that are using the system to find out how we can improve it and they are keen to support us which is a great result.

Beep Treat uses QR codes, what uses of QR have caught your eye recently?

There are a couple of QR code uses that have caught my attention recently. The first is this, a use of QR code in a CV and I love this too – AXA uses QR code in TV ad

Do you think BeepTreat is an app you are likely to use? What else would you like to see High Street retailers do to get and keep your business? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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