Sportlobster, A One-Stop Shop for Sports Fans Secures $1,000,000 Investment

If you’re like me and love all types of sports, you most probably have a bunch of apps to stay connected with your favourite teams and sports.

Let me introduce you to, the sports social network.

Sportlobster - The sports social network

Four months after its launch at Wembley Stadium, it has secured a further $1,000,000 of funding to coincide with its September 2013 iPhone app launch.

Sportlobster is the first one-stop shop for sports fans, with the site bringing news, rumours, photos and videos, events scheduling, predictions and blogs into one online platform.

Co-founder and COO, Arron Shepherd, adds: “The recent $1,000,000 is necessary because of the rate at which we’re growing. When we launched there were only three of us, now we’re a busy team of nearly 20 programmers and marketing professionals and this is all before we bring in a large commercial team in 2014 once confident our user experience is optimised.”

Shepherd and Meikle, aged 26 and 28 respectively, are committed to improving the user experience of the site and Sportlobster has identified the need for an app for its users as currently (47%) visit the site via smartphone.

Meikle says: “The app is going to dramatically improve the experience of sports fans both in the way they receive relevant information and how they interact with fellow fans around the world.”

One APP designed as a one-stop-shop to deliver all your sporting needs and desires, all in one location. Why hasn’t someone done this before?

Sportlobster have spent a lot of time on their design and you can tell from their simple custom graphics and they have had the use in mind all the way with a fully functional APP with great social integration built in.

Sportlobster go on to say, “We are constantly evolving and we work hard every day to improve the user experience. Our biggest ambassadors are our users and we are convinced the leap in quality experienced with the launch of the app will ensure word spreads fast and user numbers rocket as a result.”

Sportlobster’s vision to change the way people connect through sport is quickly being realised. With continuous improvement and burgeoning user numbers, the sport social network is destined to become a permanent fixture on the phones and desktops of sports fans worldwide.

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Have you used the site or the app? We would love to hear your thoughts. Any other sports appss you love so much? Please leave your comments below.

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Craft Beer to Zombie Hordes – The Evolution of Foursquare

For a long time now, Foursquare has been the way to make the most of where you are. It can help you plan where you want to go, offer you inspiration on what to do next, and unlock check-in based rewards and offers. Just like every other social networking app, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Beyond The Check-In

Many other developers have now used the Foursquare API for their own ideas, developing specialised apps using elements of Foursquare’s formula. These range from the lazy to the downright crazy, some of my favourites below…

Check in Assistant

Check in Assistant

What could almost be considered a Foursquare cheat, Check in Assistant can be set to automatically check in when you are at a location (or it will remind you to check in). It also carries an option for check-in predictions where it will figure out where you are most likely to go next. Good for those who want to keep up with their check-ins with little hassle.



Pretty self explanatory here. This helps you find somewhere to eat – fast, and can even pick a place at random if you are feeling adventurous. It provides the locations listed by distance from you, or by the amount of check ins. You are even able to check in via the app to your Foursquare account.

Craft Beer London

Craft Beer London

After speaking with a friend over their love of craft beer, I began this search thinking, what a good idea it would be to have location based data on where to go if you were looking for a good craft beer. Now while there were a few apps to choose from, I was drawn to Craft Beer London for their design, the reviews the app had received and the ability to narrow your search to pubs, breweries or shops. Based upon your location, the app will provide you with list of establishments that can be organised by distance, name or rating, as well as being able to view a map to see where they all are.

Mobzombies: The First Wave


Gamification of location based social networks can raise a few safety questions, which is why it’s always best to follow Foursquares House Rules. If you are doing that, then this could be a game for you. Mobzombies turns you into the game controller (you can also use your touchscreen) and it creates your level based upon where you have checked in and who is nearby. You literally run around as you kill zombies in the game – carrying out tasks before you reach the flag to finish the level.



Little bit similar to Check in Assistance, Sonar keeps you on the map whenever the application is on or running in the background. It can be linked up to your Foursquare account to continue to achieve point and badges, and also come with a pause function to stop sharing your location. You can also link up your other social networking sites (at the moment they also support Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), which could be beneficial when at an event. Messages can be sent between Sonar users, sparking debate and friendships.

Back To The Future


Foursquare are getting in on the action themselves, teaming up with Samsung recently to launch the Foursquare Time Machine, which takes you back through time on your Foursquare journey:

Pulling data from your account it produces a beautiful infographic, presenting you with all sorts of interesting stats, such as your yearly activity, favourite spots and travel exploits. Making the most of the current buzz around ‘big data’, Foursquare are also trying to use your historical user data to suggest to you ‘The Next Big Thing’ – ideas and suggestions of places you’ve yet to discover.

It remains a point of debate, however, if Foursquare’s apparent ingenuity matches that of their third-party peers, or is merely a front for a nice chunky Samsung advert…

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Are ‘Hot or Not’ Type Apps a Little Creepy? – Stu Bradley


‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.’
– William Shakespeare, As You Like It

‘Every street’s a catwalk when you’re looking like that.’
– Rogue Traders, Fashion…aka that song off the start of Gok Wan’s show.

As the above quotes, of varying literary credibility, illustrate, man’s occupation with appearance is neither new nor fleeting.  People spend hours (or in my girlfriend’s case, sometimes days) getting ready for tasks as trivial as going food shopping.  This might seem pretty ridiculous – have you ever heard of a couple telling their grandchildren they met reaching for the same avocado? – but it’s something that frightening number of people seem to do…So, apps and websites allowing people to rate people and discuss their attractiveness could only be successful, right?  Well, not exactly.

Are you being snapped?

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