The Social Penguin Blog is Having a Rest

Hello all,

We just wanted to keep you up to date with things around here. The blog is going to go away for a while in order for us to plan its future direction. It is proving very difficult for myself and Steven to keep things going (we both run businesses), and as all of our writers are voluntary, it means that output has been patchy (not the fault of the great writers). We are sure that TSPB will return, most likely in early 2014. Until then, please do stay in touch and we hope you come back when things are up and running again. Thanks to all of our writers and reader!


Mike, Steven and Dave.

About Mike McGrail

Mike McGrail is the owner of The Social Penguin Blog. He is the MD of Velocity Digital. He likes scotch and leather-bound books. Follow Mike's ramblings on Twitter. He also resides on Google Plus here.

  • dialuz

    it is real i can’t believe this is amazing penguin take rest.Thank you.