Twitter Spam Alert – Hi! I recommend to visit this link…

Twitter has a spam problem. That is no news-flash. However, it seems to have picked up recently in the form of DM (direct message) spam. The message in questions is recommending users to look at a link, the message tends to look like this:

‘Hi! I recommend to visit this link <link here>’

DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. No, the non-clicking isn’t a punishment for the terrible English used within the tweet, but a safeguard for you and your followers. If you click that link, your account will hacked, and all of you mutual followers will receive that message from you. It not only makes you look a little bit silly, but is sure to annoy anybody that clicks the link and falls to the same fate.  If you’re a business using Twitter, it doesn’t look great for you to be spamming your followers.

Creative commons

Creative commons

What you need to do if you click a twitter spam DM

1 – Quickly send a public tweet, explaining what has happened and telling people not to click the links
2 – Change your Twitter password – there is no evidence that this works, however it’s wise to do this after any security breach
3 – Go to €“ settings > applications and revoke access to anything that looks dodgy
4 – Never, ever click a Twitter spam DM again!!!

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  • Rich Kavanagh

    So what app is causing this? Why have Twitter not revoked it?

  • Eron Cohen

    I am not sure if it is an App. My account was hacked a few days ago. I revoked access to everything but Klout…and changed my password, but the hacking continued. Even though I have now enabled two part verification I have still gotten two more “we changed your password because think you’ve been hacked” messages since then.

  • IJK

    I discovered the problem this morning. A follower told me she couldn’t open the link I send her. Fact is, I didn’t send any links – I wasn’t on twitter at that time. A lot of smokescreen numbers in the link (sth about motorsports). I checked and since the link wouldn’t open for me as well, I deleted the numbers in the URL… and was sent to a slimming site, with the usual ‘Do you really want to leave the site’ .

    >I deleted the link; and discovered I had sent other links to other followers…:(
    >Sent out private and public tweets to alert that it wasn’t me
    >Changed Pass
    >Revoked apllications (‘PrometheusProject’ ?)

    I hope that fixes it for me…
    My question is, how could that happen?

  • Slade

    I didn’t even click on anything and I still got it, wtf.

  • Alan Smith

    I avoid to click on an unknown and spammy looking links so yet not faced this kind of situation. Still as it said precaution is better than cure. It’s so much useful to get aware about it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Rob Zaleski

    I’ve seen a lot about Twitter DM spam. I’ve somehow managed to dodge this bullet so far. Lucky me, I guess? But I agree, twitter definitely has a spam problem all around.