4 Essential Ebooks For All Marketers

I do a lot of reading, from blogs to ebooks, from books to newsletters, and I enjoy learning new tactics, ideas and business strategies that I can use towards my business. Since I have downloaded loads over the years, I thought I would collate 4 Essential Ebooks For All Marketers that are worth downloading right NOW. These ebooks should help you too.

4 Essential ebooks for all marketers - SOCIAL-PENGUIN

Social Media Plan Template by Marketo

This template shows the vast input you need to plan to make a huge success on the the social web and helps you get a better structure to your social media marketing, rather than just diving right in.

3 Strategies To Strengthen Your Brand’s Social Voice by Sprout Social

If you have a huge team and trying to keep the brand message consistent online can be difficult. This ebooks explains how to keep you and your staff on the same page to your key business message.

How the Pros Use Facebook Advertising by Jon Loomer & ShortStack

If I ever need guidance on Facebook marketing or I need up to date knowledge on Facebook trends, Jon Loomer is your man. He dedicates so much of his time trying new Facebook marketing methods and using ads to his advantage. This ebook is a must for any social media marketer.

The Best Practice Guide for Effective Blogger Outreach by inkybee

If you’re a social media marketer or look after your companies social media accounts, you need to know how to reach out to other bloggers, companies and influencers to truly reach a bigger targeted audience. Inkybees ebook explains just that.

That’s a wrap! I would love to hear your thoughts on these ebooks and if you have any others to share, please do in the comments below.

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    Feeling shame to share that i did not read any of them :( But thanks so much for detailed post. Really Helpful.

    • http://www.seftonmedia.com/ Steven Sefton

      That’s ok. You should bookmark this page and come back to download the guides and read them another day.

      They’re worthy of a share without reading them anyway, you’re only helping your audience.