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5 Brands Making Great Use of Instagram | The Social Penguin Blog

5 Brands Making Great Use of Instagram

Instagram can be a hard nut to crack for brands. Done well, it can be a great and direct route to an eager audience. Done badly, and it can make your brand reek like a dumpster situated out the back of a nappy testing facility. Here are five brands that are making great use of Instagram.

1 – Sharpie

Sharpie is a fantastic example. For one thing, they are actually using their product to create some really creative content, yet it doesn’t feel like they’re forcing marketing messages down your throat. They encourage others to get involved and share their own works of art on other platforms (such as Facebook), which helps to create a rounded offering.


2 – Warby Parker

These guys are a relatively new eyeware company, gathering quite an impressive following for such a new company. They’ve been able to showcase their range of glasses without it looking like product placement or a catalogue by showing cool images in interesting settings.


3 – Red Bull

This may not come as a shock, since Red Bull is already known for promoting extreme sports, but the brand have taken that association and have made some really cool and creative Instagram content. They’ve also managed to create their own hashtag to help with the association with the brand (unsurprisingly they use #givesyouwings). But thankfully they only use one hashtag so it doesn’t look like they’re trying too hard.


4 – Lego

This may not come as a shock to some because this is the perfect platform for a company like Lego. Much like Sharpie, they are able to create some amazing stuff using their product (and of course Lego is all about creativity), which, again much like Sharpie, encourages other’s to share their own creations.


5 – Starbucks

There has been a lot of positive things said about Starbucks use of Instagram but to be fair it is justified. What makes them great is the fact they let their followers control the content. Most of the images that Starbucks create are suggestions sent to them by their followers. Not only are Starbucks able to create come brilliant content but they are also actively joining in on the conversation, which is one of the key aims of a business using social media in the first place.


Of course, this is a tiny sample of the businesses that are building their brand on Instagram. Other brands like Adidas, Burberry and Virgin America are great examples of impressive use of Instagram and no doubt there will be many other smaller companies who are showing off their creative flair!

What brands do you enjoy following on Instagram? Let us know in the comments!

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  • http://www.seftonmedia.com/ Steven Sefton

    Great post Ian. I do love the Lego and Sharpie accounts on Instagram. I’m a big fan of colour and Sharpie does this well. Who doesn’t love looking at the models Lego make from all those tiny bricks.

  • JenniMaley

    Great post, Ian. Instagram is tricky for brands but these of some great examples of how it can be done well.

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