My 6 Essential Apps for Life

Ok, when I say life, I mean the kind of life I lead. A life that includes lots of marketing, content and a never ending supply of information. Hopefully you find this list useful. Please do feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.


Platform – iPhone/iPad

It has taken me a long time to find a Twitter app that I really, really like. Then I found Tweetbot. I love it because it looks damn good but also uses touchscreen tech in a clever and genuinely helpful manner. Once you learn the various gestures, you’ll be zipping around your Twitter world faster than a trending topic. One thing that it does not let you do is schedule tweets, this would be a handy addition, but I believe it is something to do with server calls. Whatever they are. All in all a fantastic app that enhances the Twitter experience no end and very rarely breaks.


Platform – iPhone/iPad

I don’t care what anyone says, RSS is still a brilliant way of getting your daily fix of blog posts delivered straight to your devices. I’ve been using Reeder for years and am likely to keep doing so for a long time. Its merits lie in simplicity and the fact that it always sinks across devices and the web. I have mine hooked up to my Google Reader list and it works like a dream. It allows you to easy share posts across the social web or send them to tools such as Evernote. I’m not sure it will ever be beaten.

The Tweetbot. Freaky.


Platform – iPhone/iPad/Web/All

You know when you find a piece of content but just don’t have the time to read it? Well, Pocket (formerly Read it Later) allows you to save that piece of content (including video) to your own little Pocket of content that can be read at any time on pretty much any device. You don’t even need to have a web connection. One of the key features of Pocket is the fact that it is integrated with many of the apps you may use to read content in the first place. Oh, and it looks so fresh and so clean. Watch the video:


Platform – iPhone/iPad/Web/All

Without Evernote, I’d be a mess. I write blog posts in it, get my thoughts and ideas down and even use it to collect web pages that I know I’ll refer to in the future. Everything it saves in the cloud, meaning you can access it from anywhere. If you pay to be a premium member, you can access your notebooks offline too. I know I sound like I’ve drank the Evernote Kool-Aid. That’s because I have.

Analytics Pro

Platform – iPhone/iPad

Google Analytics is the daddy, but I find it a little clunky when trying to use it on my iPhone/Pad. Analytics Pro is the perfect solution to this. It syncs up with all of your GA accounts, meaning you can keep an eye on your data will on the hop. It creates nice looking graphs and charts and holds all of the data you need to drive your extra-special insights. It does cost £5.99, but it is worth every penny.

Sprout Social

Platform – Web/iPhone/iPad

The Social Penguin Blog is an official partner of Sprout Social and it’s service we genuinely love. We wouldn’t partner with it if we didn’t! It is quite simply the best social media management dashboard out there. It does all the basics very well – monitoring, responding, scheduling etc, however it is the stunning reports it produces that keeps me going back. Beautiful, colourful reports that allow you to easily grasp growth, engagement and demographics. It hooks up with Twitter, Facebook, location apps and Google Analytics. Give it a go!

What apps are must haves for your life? Do share!

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About Mike McGrail

Mike McGrail is the owner of The Social Penguin Blog. He is the MD of Velocity Digital. He likes scotch and leather-bound books. Follow Mike's ramblings on Twitter. He also resides on Google Plus here.

  • Brittany at Sprout Social

    Thanks for including Sprout Social in the list, Mike! Have you checked out the new helpdesk integration as well? Hopefully will help businesses streamline their customer service and social media efforts a bit more easily!

    • Marc Hindley


      I was a Zendesk user before I was a Sprout user and I love them both. It’s great when two really good services announce an integration like this.

      There’s always a little piece of me that thinks should I have chosen X app, when other people seem to prefer Y, and then it’s like a double confirmation that you did actually make the right choice, and the value of the apps combined are greater than the sum of the two.

      Keep up the good work.

      • Brittany at Sprout Social

        Absolutely love to hear that, Marc! More awesomeness to come…

    • Mike McGrail

      Hello! No problem, you are there on merit. I’ll take a look at the help desk stuff too.

  • Marc Hindley

    Pocket is the only app in your top six that I haven’t tried, and on the basis that the other five are also my top five, I am going to go and try it, because saving stuff to read later is one thing that I struggle with. I can’t see it doing everything I want, but if it makes it a little bit easier, it’ll be worth it.

    Additionally Mike, I have to give you credit for introducing me to Analytics Pro and Sprout Social, two apps I now would not be without.

    And I have to agree that Tweetbot is simply the best Twitter app.

    Good post.

    • Mike McGrail

      Thanks Marc. Give it a go, at the very least you’ll appreciate the design! Glad you like Sprout Social and AP too!

  • Pete Lindsell

    Very interesting to read, Mike, and the only one of the above I currently use is Tweetbot – by far and away the best Twitter app going, and believe me, I’ve tried a bingload of them!

    Have got myself Reeder and Pocket to test drive, and I’ll let you know what I think of them.



    • Mike McGrail

      Hi Pete,

      Glad you found it useful! Tweetbot is the daddy!


  • Robzie81

    Well, you hadn’t led me astray when you suggested Flipbook, so I’m checking out Pocket for sure. I know that Google Currents has Read It Later in its sharing functionality, so they may not have updated the naming yet. And oh man are you right about the glory that is Evernote. I use it to clip articles almost daily, and I am constantly jotting blog post ideas into it on the bus, at work, or on a lunch break. Thanks again for a new round of tech recs, and I’ll get back to you about my experience with Pocket!