Friday Freak Out – LinkedIn Groups That Suck

I’m a member of 15 groups on LinkedIn. How many of those groups are worth spending any time in? One. Yes that’s uno, une, один and ett. LinkedIn brings together clever (and some not so clever) people from across industries, sectors and even geographical boundaries – this should lead to groups been full of great conversation and debate.

Why Is That One Group Worth Your Time?

The group I refer to is worth my while for a few simple reasons:

1 – It is full of people who are genuinely looking for interesting conversation.
2 – It is full of people who are truly helpful and eager to learn.
3 – The managers of the group take an active role in conversations, but also rule the group with an iron fist.

What Makes a Group Suck?

Again, pretty simple:

1 – If a group is full of people only looking to sell their services/snake oil it’s going to be as enjoyable as week in jail. A really nasty jail.
2 – Bad groups are full of spammers – it’s the responsibility of the group owners (and group members) to flush out any spammers. The great group I am referring to is particularly good at this.
3 – The group is full of links to content and nothing else. This is usually a sign of things being rather automated. Robots can be rubbish.

Should I Start a Group?

With anything in the social media ‘space’, you should only start a LinkedIn group if you know what you are looking to achieve from it and have the time to make it a worthwhile venture. A well-run group can give you the opportunity to connect with people you can learn from, but also gives you the chance to show of your smarts. Just don’t do it in nasty salesy type of way, or everyone will think you are a douchebag. And they are probably right. Kidding. Kind of. Rule the group with some hard rules around spam and sales pitches and you’ll go a long way to creating a place people want to be.

So, Are You Going to Tell us What This Great Group Is?

Yes, yes I am! But only if you promise to respect it and be a nice member of it. The group in question is the Marketing Over Coffee group. It is ran by the guys behind the podcast of the same name, which is a must-listen for all marketing buffs. It is presented by the rather clever John J. Wall and the new media visionary that is Christopher Penn. If you screw with their group, they will badly hurt you. Possible even maim. Ok, they won’t as they are lovely guys, but they will ban you quicker that a Madonna video in the 80s.

How do you find LinkedIn groups? Do you get value for them? Do you run a successful one? Let us know! I’m off to leave the other 14 groups that suck. You may also like – Friday Freak Out – Cold LinkedIn Requests.

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  • Robzie81

    1. I absolutely love the Marketing Over Coffee podcast. Chris and John are ridiculously smart yet approachable and engaging. I listen to their podcasts every weekend while running.
    2. I agree with your slight at these other worthless groups. I’ve joined a couple that I ended up leaving when all I was seeing were “Why not all like each other’s Facebook pages?” or “Let’s all follow each other on Twitter” posts.
    Thanks for the rant. :)

    • Mike McGrail

      Very true Rob, they are engaging!

      Haha, I hate that ‘Like my Facebook’ or ‘Lets all follow each other’ crap!