Can Weathermob Use the Crowd to Deliver Accurate Weather Forecasts? (Apps)

Weathermob is a new weather forecasting application for iOS. Doesn’t sound particularly ground breaking does it? Well, Weathermob is different – it wants you to be the weatherman/woman. The app allows you to create a weather report while on the go, meaning you can let other users know the situation within your geo-location at any time. Why would you bother, I hear you ask? For a start, the app is beautiful to look at and it is actually good fun. It is also pretty social, you set up your profile and people can follow (including people within your immediate locale) and comment on your reports.

Simple Interface

Creating a report is very easy, using an interface not unlike a slot machine roller…

You can also add custom text to your report, a photo and even a video.

Once you have compiled your report, it looks like this (assuming you’ve added a photo).

Pretty huh?

Not Just About the Crowd

Anything that is crowd-sourced depends on people’s attention being maintained and a constant flow of updates. My thoughts are that the long term viability of this app will depend on the success of the social side of the experience and also the user’s willingness to share their reports across other social platforms, as that may well be the action that alerts other people the existence of the app in the first place. The app doesn’t only rely on enthusiastic citizen weather people, it holds data for the majority of the planet, and again this is represented in a very visually satisfying manner.

What do You Think?

Are you likely to use Weathermob to send micro weather reports? Maybe you are experiencing app/social platform overload? Do tell…

You can download the app here.

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