Scottish Social Platform Blipfoto Hits San Francisco – Day 2

Joe Tree is the CEO and founder of photo journal service, Blipfoto. He is currently visiting San Francisco as part of the Cross Creative project. During his visit, Joe will be spending time with a number of great startups. We will be featuring his daily diary here on The Social Penguin Blog. In this entry, Joe visits the fabled Googleplex!

I’m terribly sad that I’m so far away from home for my tenth birthday tomorrow, but there are much worse places I could be. And there are much worse places I could have spent the last day of my thirties being nine and three quarters.

First on the list today was the Googleplex, for a two hour tour and lunch courtesy of the Android Games product manager. Bonkers. Just bonkers. Completely and utterly bonkers. The scale of the place, the quirky stuff around every corner, the multi-coloured communal bikes, the dogs people bring to work, the weird bits of experimental tech dotted around, the staff eatery. All bonkers. There’s no other word for it. The geeks really have inherited the earth.

Broken Slide at The Googleplex. Priorities eh?

Next, it was on to Nokia’s Palo Alto research lab, which is another big building full of incredibly clever people inventing the things we’ll all going to be using in the future. We were lucky enough to arrive in time to sit in on a talk being given by the guys who shot the first full length feature to be shot on a mobile phone. Fascinating stuff.

The final call of the day was at IDEO. A company I’ve known about for years and one whose designs I guarantee you’ve used many times over. Their culture and process is their product, and they apply to solving an incredible array of problems, from medical devices to toys to branding to corporate strategy.

Three global giants doing quite different things, but all flourishing because of their people and the environment they provide them.

Tomorrow: Beyond, Storify, Launchpad and Inkling…

Check out Joe’s full diary here and stay tuned on TSPB for the best bits!

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