Facebook Timeline for Brands – A Guide To Key Changes

The roll out of Timeline for brand Pages on Facebook has brought with it a number of key changes to the way that Pages work and look to the user. This post highlights some functionality that we consider as key. We’ve broken them down in to positive and negative…


Cover Photo

The cover image offers you a great chance to include some strong branding on your Page. Flex those creative muscles! Some great examples here.

Big branding and creative opportunity with Cover Image

The Ability to Highlight & Pin Updates

You can now choose to highlight a post – this stretches the update across the Timeline, drawing the eye to it and adding focus to the interactions taking place. You do this by clicking the star icon to the right of your update. You can also ‘Pin to Top’, meaning the post you choose to do this to will be prominent at the top of your Timeline for one week.. Do this by clicking the pencil icon and selecting ‘Pin to Top’

Admin Panel

This is one for the Page admins, a nice little panel with key stats and access to notifications. This is also where you will edit your Page, set up ads etc.

Likes Widget

At the top of the Timeline, you can choose to display a number of modules. One of these is called ‘Likes’. If a user clicks this they will be shown the panel below, that displays some key stats and insight around the Page.

Retrospective Timeline

You can go back in time and populate your Timeline with key milestones and events – take the time to create a really nice visual history of your brand.

Private Messages

Users can now send you a private message. Useful for more in depth customer service issues. Please note you can switch this function off.


Loss of Focus on Apps and Landing Tabs

In the past you could set a landing tab for your page – many people did this in order to attract attention to a customised application. Well, you can forget that now as there is no such thing as a landing tab. Apps will be displayed in the modules at the top:

This means that you must feature your apps within those modules and drive people to them accordingly. When a module is clicked, a nice big window appears housing it, making for a slicker experience. Whether this is a positive or a negative is in the eye of the beholder…

As you can tell from the weighting of positive Vs negative in our post, we think the changes are pretty darn cool. We recommend that you really assess how you update your Page/Timeline – the importance of imagery and short, sharp updates is bigger than ever as your Timeline is going to have to be a pretty sexy beast in order to capture the attention of Facebook users. Remember, the majority of users will still interact with your content within their own feeds but your Timeline will still be a on-boarder for many. All Pages will be switched over to Timeline on March 30th, why not get ahead of the crowd and make the switch today?

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