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Rapid Response - Is Pinterest Over - Hyped? - The Social Penguin Blog

Rapid Response – Is Pinterest Over – Hyped?

I’m currently sat on a bus, I tweeted out asking people for a topic they would like me to try and cover before my journey ends in 45 mins… Fraser Bedwell (@fraserbedwell) asked – ‘@mike_mcgrail a topical one given your most recent tweets – is Pinterest over-hyped?!’ I now have 41 minutes…

Pinterest. If you haven’t heard of it by now, you must have smashed up all of your web enabled devices in a futile attempt to live an unconnected life. The fact that is that you can’t look at a blog or Twitter without seeing it mentioned at least 72,493 times. Per minute. Hype much? Please note, that fact is completely made up. But the hype levels are bigger than a banker’s bonus (before it was taken away)

Let’s Look at The Facts

  • Over 10 million users in the USA – achieved in the fastest time of any independent site in history
  • 12 million unique monthly visitors
  • The hype has meant that since the start of 2012, daily users on site have increased by 145%
  • It is generating more referral traffic to sites than Google +, YouTube and LinkedIn combined

That last fact is one that appeals to me most as a digital marketer – the ability to very easily post relevant images to a site that has an engaged and growing user base and drive traffic back to the home site so effectively is a pretty attractive proposition.

Is it Right For All Businesses?

In a word, no. First things first, you need to have great and relevant imagery to share, as without it, you will never get interested eyes on your pics and in-turn zero ‘re-pinning’, comments or indeed clicks back to your site. It’s very consumer and lifestyle orientated – if you aren’t playing in those areas, I believe its best to avoid right now. The figure has ranged wildly from 60% to 97%, but ladies make up a massive proportion of the user base (recent reports have said that in the UK, there are more men using it than women, I may put that down to hype within the marketing/tech industry and guys signing up to see if its useful or not) and putting all sexism aside, if your product isn’t on the female radar you may struggle to gain serious traction. As with all social media platforms, you need to take the time to assess its potential value, and if you are going to use it, make sure you have the time to do it properly. Of course, you can benefit from Pinterest without having an actual presence for your business – install Pin buttons alongside your social sharing options and you may well see your customer base doing some work for you.

Are There Any Issues Surronding It?

Yes – there has been a lot of discussion this week about copyright issues, afterall, the site allows people to easily take any image and post it on the platform. Pinterest have now released a code that site owners can install that will stop this from being possible. Scottish photo journal app, Blipfoto yesterday took this measure and now any images held within it cannot be added to Pinterest by a third party. This approach could cause issues.

Believe the Hype?

It’s growth has been rapid, businesses are seeing great traffic (and sales) stemming from it and the train doesn’t look like slowing down, so yes, don’t ignore the hype without assessing the opportunity for your business first.

Facts from – http://www.mastercom.me/2012/02/pinterest-facts-and-figures-infographic/

Phew, made it just in time! Written in Evernote on my iPad, excuse any auto correct fails! Keep and eye-out for future Rapid Response posts! 

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