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Social Minds - An Interview With Kyle Lacy - The Social Penguin Blog

Social Minds – An Interview With Kyle Lacy

Kyle Lacy is an author, speaker, blogger and all-round social media enthusiast, not to mention the Principal of Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget. Kyle recently took the time to answer a few questions and impart some gems of advice on starting out in social media marketing.

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Please describe what you do in 140 characters or less?

Principal, Marketing Research and Education at ExactTarget. Author. Speaker. Bar Enthusiast

You have 2 books under your belt, Twitter Marketing for Dummies and Branding Yourself, not to mention a well-read blog. What is the first piece of advice you give when people ask for your for social media marketing guidance?

There are many things that are built into the process of using social media for marketing. The first thing I usually tell people is centered around research. Always research why, who, and how you will be using social media. It is important to answer the why before using any type of tool in marketing strategy. Who are you going to reach and how are you going to do it? Very important questions for the business and yourself.

You also work a lot on community development. Why is community building important and what types of business should look take it seriously?

Any social media user should be involved in community building (both online and offline). Community is what builds successful businesses and a fulfilled life.

It is extremely important to be involved. What else do you have if you don’t help others?

Can you tell us a bit more about the buzz (positive and otherwise) around #social46

#Social46 was an initiative started by the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee to help bolster the social media “Klout” of the city of Indianapolis. Klout was used to help identify the participant, and the list was augmented manually with known local bloggers and other social media elite. Overall, the buzz was positive. As in any list, there will be those with hurt feelings who were not chosen to be added in the mix.

#Social46 was only meant to be a hashtag used by the thousands to help build the city of Indianapolis NOT personal egos. In the end it worked out, we had over 3,000 unique individuals use the hashtag.

Based on your experience with #social46, do you think a similar template should be applied to the London Olympics? 

I believe that every event (whether big or small) should try and embrace the social media users of the community. The reach and potential communication channel could be massive if done the right way!

What one piece of advice would you give someone who is looking to build a career in social media/digital marketing?

Be thorough and provoking.

Create content every single day of your life.

Strive to be successful both from an intangible brand and tangible financial position.

Network offline and online.

What new social media platforms are you the most excited about for 2012?

I’m extremely excited to see where Pinterest goes this year and how it is fuelling the retail environment. I’m also interested in the massive Facebook IPO and where that drives the company.

Huge thanks to Kyle for his time and great insight! 


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