Our Top 5 Social Media Posts of 2011

So, another year is drawing to a close! Its been a big year for The Social Penguin Blog, we got a nice little make over, our lovely readership has grown and grown, and we’ve published some really great stuff! Read on for a list of our most popular posts of 2011 (by page views).

1 – Are You The Problem with Social Media?

In this post, Mike asks people to take a look at their skills and think if they could be the reason for social media failure.

2 – Hey There’s A Really Bad Blog Going Around About You, Seen it Yet?

Mike takes a look at Twitter spam and the issues around it. Many people used this post for advice!

3 – 5 Reason Why Blogs Still Rock

Mike puts his vote right behind blogging as a highly relevant and powerful digital marketing tool.

Some Christmas Penguins (via http://thewondrous.com)

4 – There Are Still Too Many Social Media Phantoms Out There

Mike has a rant about agencies hiding behind the ‘ROI is hard to prove excuse’. Great debate in the comments!

5 – Essential Skills For a Job in Social Media

Mike gives his top tips for those looking to get a job in digital marketing/social media.

A huge thanks to…

Everyone who has taken the time to read, share and comment on our posts, to our great guest writers and of course our wonderful partners, Canary Dwarf web design and social media management tool, Sprout Social.

See you all in 2012!!!

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  • http://sproutsocial.com Brittany at Sprout Social

    Looks like you’ve had a great year and a lot of great posts, Mike! Excited to see what’s next in 2012.

    • http://about.me/mikemcgrail/ Mike McGrail

      Thanks Brittany! It has been a great year, big thanks to you and all the Sprout Social crew for the support!