Yet More Twitter DM Spam – Warning Do Not Click!

Just a heads up, we know this may seem obvious but many people still do it! If you receive the following DM spam message on Twitter - ‘Someone is posting nasty updates on their twitter about you, heres the posts they’ve been making‘, DO NOT click it!!!

Those pesky spammers are getting smarter and smarter…

We like to keep you up to date with nasty spam, you can read about the ‘bad blog’ Twitter spam DM here.

If you do get hacked, change your password asap and get your ‘applications’ menu on and revoke access to anything that looks strange.

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About Mike McGrail

Mike McGrail is the owner of The Social Penguin Blog. He is the MD of Velocity Digital. He likes scotch and leather-bound books. Follow Mike's ramblings on Twitter. He also resides on Google Plus here.

  • Edinburgh

    Thanks. I did DM someone back to let them know that they had been hacked. Do you think that is the right thing to do or should I avoid that?

    • Mike McGrail


      I’m not aware of responding causing any issues, however I would err on the side of caution!