Gianfranco Cuzziol – Integrating Email & Social Media

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A much covered question in marketing circles  – ‘is email dead?’  is often answered with a straight forward ‘no’. It offers marketers a different angle to their digital activities and in our opinion is still valid, however,  we feel it has to evolve and a huge part of the evolution has to be smart thinking integration with Social Media.  We asked Gianfranco Cuzziol his thoughts on the matter…

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media140 Scotland – Our Report

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media140 came to Scotland at the CCA in Glasgow on June 17th and The Social Penguin Blog was in attendance. The series of Social Media conferences has been blazing a trail across the globe, taking top minds from the SM field and putting them in front of eager crowds. The Scottish leg was organised by Mark Jennings and a crack team of helpers who excelled in putting on a great show and building a great pre event buzz. On arrival there was an immediate buzz in the air (no not vuvuzelas) as the crowd mingled and looked forward to the upcoming talks. [Read more…]

Media140 Reaches Scotland on June 17th!!!

I am very excited to be attending the Scottish leg of Media140 in Glasgow tomorrow night. The conference has been blazing a trail across the globe, exploring the power and the future of the real-time web, bringing together a real mix of attendees from the Social Media movers and shakers to the just plain curious. The speakers at the event appear to be a superb mixture of social minds – people who have been there, tweeted it and bought the t-shirt (online of course).

I will be tweeting live from the event, follow it all on twitter with #media140 or why not watch the live stream here from 7pm on June 17th.

Dave will be with me too. No doubt hanging around the bar.

Stay tuned for a full post event report!


Dave is Looking for Your Input – Great Social Presence

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Hello all,

I am looking to pull together examples of Social Media presences that really float your boat, is there a Facebook page from a brand that you regularly visit and engage on? Who is using twitter well?  Who has a superb youtube channel, blog, flickr feed etc? Do you have tales of great service via a Social outlet? Who is doing it badly? Who has really wound you up? Let me know and I will publish a nice shiny list of the good, the bad and the BP, with credit where credit is due.

I belive crowdsourcing is the term? It’s like when my penguin friends huddle up to keep the wind out. Kind of.

Please leave your examples in the comments or email me – or drop me a tweet here

Love Dave

I am Dave

Dave Loves Ya!

Interview – The Social Penguin Talks to Empire Avenue

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On Sunday we blogged about the new Social Influence Stock Exchange site, Empire Avenue.  Already there is a bustling global community on the Avenue and people are joining up via Beta invites as we speak, aiming to raise their worth and invest in the latest hot stock. It is a fun and addictive experience that hinges on community and sharing. We managed to run some questions by the Empire Avenue CEO, Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana –  read on for some great insight into the birth of EA, the team behind it and future plans…

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Empire Avenue – A New Social Media Outlet – Updated 09/06

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I recently received an invite to the Beta phase of Empire Avenue which is an online stock exchange for individuals and businesses. The basic concept is as follows; you set up an account which pulls in your data from twitter, Facebook and your blog and uses it to asses your influence, then the Empire Avenue community can decide whether or not they want to invest you. Your share price rises and falls based on trades and your web activity. It is all fairly simple and hugely addictive! There is no real money involved, just the Empire Avenue currency – Eaves.

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Googling Yourself is now more than a vanity exercise…


The newest addition to The Social Penguin Blog team – Kelly Forbes treats us to a great article about the pros and cons of Googling oneself or ‘ego surfing’. Read on for some sound advice and insightful stats…

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